Are Free Dating Sites A Waste Of Your Time

If you search the tangled web of the internet about free dating services, you will be presented with various articles and reviews about it. Of course, there are dating sites that would require you to pay a membership fee to get their full service, but are free dating sites a waste of your time? In this article, you will be presented about some facts about free dating sites, which should help you answer the latter question.

The first question that you might ask about free dating sites is their ability to sustain their existence. What is their source of income? How do they manage to keep their website alive? Why would someone create a free dating website? The developers of a free dating website can sustain their existence, and manage themselves to keep alive by paid advertisement. If the website is attracting thousands of singles to their web page every day, then it is good enough reason for advertisers, promoters, and sellers to place an advertisement in the website. These advertisements don’t come for free. Every advertiser or marketer who wishes to place an advertisement in the dating site will have to pay for the space and time that they want to be advertised on the page. This is one way free dating sites sustain their growth online.

However, the answer above does not answer the question: why would a developer choose to design a free dating site? Why would someone not choose to design a dating site based on payment? The answer to this is quite simple. It’s about the money. It’s about the budget. A payment-based dating website would require a huge sum of money for advertisement to attract, entice, and interest singles to sign up for the site. This is truly needed especially now that there is a reasonable number of dating sites competing in the payment-based service. In addition to money, it’s also about numbers. You need a huge base of subscribers before you can finally say that your services are useful to the market. It would be hard for someone to attract more subscribers if currently there are only ten subscribers active on the site. Surely, an online dater would not opt to sign up for a site that does not offer a wide range of dating choices. Would you?

If you have conducted your own research about free dating sites, you must have encountered articles that would advise you to avoid joining such site. Surely, you would question the credibility of free dating sites after you read such article. However, you should not always believe negative reviews because these reviews could have been written by other dating sites that are after your paid membership. A company that is solely after your money would tell you everything that you need to hear just to persuade you to buy their service over others. You just have to remain critical every time you come across with negative reviews online.

To answer the question presented in the beginning of this article, “Are Free Dating Sites A Waste Of your Time?”. The answer to this is no. However, the validity of this answer is always up to you. You can always create an account and see how things are in a free dating site. There’s no harm in trying. If you find out that free dating sites are not for you, you can always choose to close your account, free of charge. Would you rather keep wondering “What If”, than try and lose nothing?


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