How Dating Makes for a Thrilling Journey in Life

The world would be a much better place when it’s filled with love and affection. Dating is just one of the gestures showing such positive emotions. Two people have to date before figuring out whether to spend their lives together or in separate ways.

Dating is the blossoming of a possible romantic relationship between two people. It could lead to marriage or a break up, all based on the compatibility of the couple. But one thing for sure is that it helps the two people figure how they feel for each other.

When it comes to dating, one of the most common questions would be whether it’s alright to have sex after a date or if it greatly affects the outcome of that date? If you ask Christian couples, sex is a no-no because they still honor the sanctity of marriage, and maintaining one’s virginity is a big part of that.

Dating though is more than just about the physical aspect. It is about finding your soul mate, someone who you would be willing to live with your whole life.

There are actually different types of dating and depending on each type, the principles behind dating vary. These types include the following:

  • Casual dating. This is more about the meeting of two people for companionship but without any commitment. The couple can still date other people and no intimate attraction is involved. Both cannot expect anything from each other. It may include single dating or blind dating.
  • Hanging out. This is not just for two people because it includes a group of people, such as friends, classmates, or even family members who are of different sexes. This is a gathering for the sole purpose of being entertained. Only single dating applies here.
  • Hooking up. This is usually seen on teenagers or young people who are simply looking for a sexual encounter with people whom they are not even in a relationship with. This type of dating is often used as an escape for people who are tired of their relationships or for people who just want a physical relationship with no emotional attachment.
  • Friends dating. This is a type of dating wherein friends who are overly affectionate with each other have reached the point of engaging intimately with each other. This is more of a girlfriend/boyfriend relationship.
  • Adults casual dating. This is for adults who still want to remain active in the dating scene, especially with the rise of divorce statistics. However, there are also single adults included in this type of dating, adults who are looking for a partner or those who want to get more than just a casual fling with fellow adults. However, this can still be compared to hooking up among the younger people.

Enjoy the thrill of dating, Use it to know more people and establish more friends. Just practice safe sex and be clear about what kind of relationship you would want to build with the other person before diving right into dating.


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